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“At KJE, we are about quality, family, and service”

KJE Aquatics is a small business founded by a dad and his two sons. We are hobbyists like you and know what it means to have quality fish, plants, and supplies available. We strive to offer these along with exceptional customer service.

We will bring that Mom and Pop or in this case Dad and his Two Sons customer service right to your doorstep. Many of our fish are bred and raised by us or are from our ever-growing network of quality breeders both local and nationwide If you have questions regarding our products or any other questions regarding your aquarium needs, please do not hesitate to send us an email.  We are about the quality products that we offer to our customers, service to our country, and family run..  100% all the way.

“From our plants, our food, all our quality products…we use personally and sell the best to you.”




-KJE Aquatics Team

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Quality Products
Quality Products

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Your satisfaction is what drives us.   Quality products, service to our country, and family is done 100%. There is no half way…no close enough.  There is only success.

When you buy from KJE Aquatics…you are part of the family.

KJE’s Shipping Policy


Make arraignments to receive the package immediately upon arrival. Failure to do so will lead to the elements causing damage. Do not let your package sit in the mailbox or on the porch.
Any issues must be noted with pics of all live goods still within their original unopened bags. This notification must be sent within ONE HOUR of delivery. No Exceptions. We do our best to resolve any issues that may be the fault of the seller. Delays in shipping or issues beyond the fault of the seller may be brought up by the buyer with the shipping carrier.

***Please Note: Payment is due upon receipt of invoice. We will not hold stock w/o payment.

***Packages are shipped to the Address associated with Your PayPal Account. IT IS NOT THE FAULT OF KJE IF YOUR PACKAGE IS SHIPPED TO AN ADDRESS YOU FAILED TO UPDATE. Ensure your address with PayPal is the correct shipping address. No refunds will be issued if the package is shipped to an address you failed to update.

Note: There is always the possibility of hitchhikers when purchasing live plants. If you are worried, Treat your plants prior to placing them in your tank.

We ship USPS PRIORITY or UPS (Shipper’s Choice) – Tracking number is sent to the email provided once generated.
By paying this invoice you fully understand what is written above.

Thank you for the business,

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