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KJE Aquatics – REPASHY Superfood the fish food your fish would buy!

KJE Aquatics is very honored to be an authorized retailer of Repashy Super Foods.

Repashy Supergels lock in the nutrients better than any flake, pellet, or tablet diet. Repashy’s proprietary gel technology uses soluble algae and plant fibers in a combination that optimizes gel stability. Water soluble vitamins and other nutrients are locked into the gel matrix and remain stable until broken down in the digestive tract.


Repashy Superfoods uses only the highest quality ingredients available: black soldier fly larvae, fish, squid, krill, mussel, etc. form the backbone of these diets. Vegan formulas mainly contain algae (chlorella/spirulina/schizochytrium/kelp) and green plant proteins such as dandelions and alfalfa leaves. The gels are 100% free of starch or gluten binders and gelatin. No terrestrial meat or soy proteins, wheat gluten, wheat or corn starches, or other cheap fillers.


Repashy Gels are a very effective way to orally medicate fish. The gel is prepared as usual and the medication is mixed in as the gel cools before it becomes firm. This reduces any temperature damage to medications. The medication will remain locked in the gel. This permits direct intestinal delivery, which is vastly superior to medicating the water.


Let KJE Aquatics be your “DoorDash” for your fish for all REPASHY Superfoods

These are fantastic foods for all fish species.

KJE Aquatics is very honored to be an authorized retailer of Repashy Super Foods. This simply some of the best foods available for your fish. There is a formula that suits the needs of all your fish. By far some of the best nutrition you can offer your swimmers.

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How We’re Different

KJE Aquatics is a small business founded by a Dad and his two sons. We are hobbyist like you and know what it means to have quality fish, plants and supplies available. We strive to offer these along with exceptional customer service.

Loved my first order so much I placed another order within the month. very nice collection of plants and the look AMAZING. Recently upgraded to my #1 spot for online plant and certain fish food needs.

We will bring that Mom and Pop or in this case Dad and his Two Sons customer service right to your door step. Many of our fish are bred and raised by us or are from our ever growing network of quality breeders both local and nationwide If you have questions regarding our products or any other questions regarding your aquarium needs, please do not hesitate to send us an email.  Quality Products only found at KJE Aquatics.


Always quick to reply! all plants I ordered came in perfect condition, super fast! prices are the cheapest I’ve found anywhere. will continue to order from kje!

Great Customer Service

i have placed 2 orders from KJE Aquatics in the past 2 months. the plants and other fish tank supplies that ive order have been great. great customer service and the best prices around. im putting together a 3rd order and will be contacting him soon!

High Quality

Received my second order from KJE today. Another great experience with excellent plants and packaging! Keith is great to work with and makes the ordering process very simple. I can’t stop staring at my tank tonight ???? The vibrant plants really make my fish pop.”

Another Great Experience

Bought an assortment of plants and was not disappointed. Everything arrived very healthy and the portions were larger than most places. Plan to buy from again.

Will Buy Again

KJE Aquatics provides Quality Products
Quality Product
KJE Aquatics Veteran Owned
Veteran Owned
KJE Aquatics Family
Family run

Our Special Formula

Your satisfaction is what drives us.   Quality products, service to our country, and family is done 100%. There is no half way…no close enough.  There is only success.

When you buy from KJE Aquatics…you are part of the family.

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