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Take a look at the fish that we have to sell.  Once you have found what you are looking for…click the button that says “Get Some Livestock!”.  That will allow you to send me an email so you can let me know what you want.  We are not selling fish on this site.  So send me an note and I can get you the fish you want.  – Keith

KJE AquaticsLimia vittata

KJE Aquatics

Livestock List

Email us @ keith@kjeaquatics.com and tell him what you want for livestock.

KJE Aquatics

Livestock List

KJE AquaticsLimia vittata

KJE is now selling fish.

*Fish are sold as juveniles unless noted*

Check out the list and contact Keith about what you want.

-We typically ship via USPS Priority starting at 20.00 or USPS EXPRESS starting at 50.00

-We can also ship airport to airport via Southwest Airlines – We ship this way freight collect with a 12.00 box charge.

At this time because of the pandemic, we offer no LAG when choosing USPS Priority

Check the list daily….inventory will change quickly.

AP Skiffia
Characodon audax ‘El Toboso’ Black Prince35.00/eaYes
Characodon audax ‘Los Pinos’38.00/eaN
Skiffia multipunctate Lago de Camecuaro Michoacan,Mexico AP20209.00/eaN
Ilyodon furcidens ‘Trout Goodeid’8.75/eaN
Ilyodon whitei7.00/eaN
Ateniobus toweri ‘blue-tailed’ Goodeid7.75/eaY
Zoogoneticus tequila ‘Rio Teuchitlan’ GS201810.00/eaN
Ameca Splenden ‘Rio Teuchitlan’6.75/ean
Chapalichthys pardalis aquarium strain6.85/eaY
Chapalichthys peraticus Presade San Juanico – Michoacan, Mexico PM20208.00/eaN
Chapalichthys encaustus ‘Largo Orandino’ KH202012.00/eaY
Xenotoca lyonsi ‘Rio Tamzula’ AP20207.50/eay
Xenotoca doadrio ‘San Marcos’6.55/eay
Xenotoca eiseni aquarium strain4.95/ean
True N-Class Blackbar Endler17.99/PAIRY
Bluestar p-class Endler19.99/pairY
X. Helleri KOI Swordtails8.50 eaY
Limia vittata8.00/eaN
Limia islai (tiger Lake Miragoane)6.00/eaY
Limia tridens8.00/eaN
Limia nigrofasciata8.50/eaN
Giradinus metallicus ‘black chin’ pairs18.95/pairN
Phallichthys tico ‘dwarf merry widow’6.25/eay
Jordanella floridae ‘American Flagfish’5.50/eaY
Xiphophorus evelynae platy5.65/eaY
Xiphophorus nezahualcoyotl5.98/eachY
Xiphophorus kallmani ‘Laguna Catemaco’ swordtail8.50/eaY
Pseudocrenilabrus cf. pyrrhocaudalis 'Fire-Tail' Rare 12.50/eay
Pseudocrenilabrus multi-color victoriae9.00/eaN
Pseudocrenilabrus sp. Lake Mweru ‘yellow-weed picker’9.00/eaY
Emerald Dwarf Rasboras3.99/eachN
Celestial Pearl Danios6.45/eachn
Oryias woworae(Daisy’s Japanese Ricefish)5.99/eaN
Assassin snail (eat other snails)2.50/eaY
Trapdoor snail (great with algae)3.50/eaN
Olive Nerite snail (great with algae)1.55/eaY
Ramshorn snail (great tank cleaners)0.20/eaY

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