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We are working hard adding our plants to the website. If you want to buy our quality plants…please go to our Facebook link and let us know what you want.  – Keith

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How We’re Different

KJE Aquatics is a small business founded by a Dad and his two sons. We are hobbyist like you and know what it means to have quality fish, plants and supplies available. We strive to offer these along with exceptional customer service.

Loved my first order so much I placed another order within the month. very nice collection of plants and the look AMAZING. Recently upgraded to my #1 spot for online plant and certain fish food needs.

We will bring that Mom and Pop or in this case Dad and his Two Sons customer service right to your door step. Many of our fish are bred and raised by us or are from our ever growing network of quality breeders both local and nationwide If you have questions regarding our products or any other questions regarding your aquarium needs, please do not hesitate to send us an email.


Always quick to reply! all plants I ordered came in perfect condition, super fast! prices are the cheapest I’ve found anywhere. will continue to order from kje!

Great Customer Service

i have placed 2 orders from KJE Aquatics in the past 2 months. the plants and other fish tank supplies that ive order have been great. great customer service and the best prices around. im putting together a 3rd order and will be contacting him soon!

High Quality

Received my second order from KJE today. Another great experience with excellent plants and packaging! Keith is great to work with and makes the ordering process very simple. I can’t stop staring at my tank tonight ???? The vibrant plants really make my fish pop.”

Another Great Experience

Bought an assortment of plants and was not disappointed. Everything arrived very healthy and the portions were larger than most places. Plan to buy from again.

Will Buy Again

  • I recently ran out from my API master kit test and was looking for something that is similar but less bulky and more price friendly. KJE aquatics happened to have this one in stock and it is perfect. It is not as bulky, instructions are well done and it actually reminds a consumer to shake the second nitrate testing bottle for at least 1 minute before dosing it which is very helpful.

    Bogdana Truett

  • "These are big. Like… Really big. Kieth knows how to find some good sources and it shows with his botanical selection! I break these apart for tanks and throw them directly in."


  • After trying a couple of the other bassleer foods for my fish, I just had to try these shrimp stick out. I’m really glad that I do too!! My shrimp absolutely love these!!

  • KJE Aquatics was so helpful and I ask a lot of questions. I will get my fish food here from now on. My order also came very quickly and included a few samples.
    I am so pleased with the food I got too. Dr Bassleers is the way to go. I know this sounds ridiculous but I would  swear that the color brightened in my fish within an hour of feeding them.
    They will answer all your questions at KJE aquatics. The customer service is impeccable and the prices are reasonable.
    Stephanie Walden

    Stephanie Walden

  • I am a puffers lover. I have always been using fritz Expel-P whenever I got new puffers. This product eliminates parasites that come with the puffers and would not harm other inhabitants.
    Highly recommended.


  • Dr. Bassleer foods are by far the best commercially made foods I tried. KJE put me on to them and so glad I tried them. Fish love them, Far less waste noticed in the tank. With less waste then you know the fish are actually using it in their metabolism. If you have not tried the Dr. B line of foods then you are doing your fish a disservice. All are good but Chlorella is one of the favorites


  • Amazing quality botanicals and a great amount/variety for the price! About to place a second order!


  • I love the pumpkin formula for my Barbs! It’s got a nice blend of carotenoids and it doesn’t sink too fast. They see me coming to feed and they all gather up to gobble it down. No cloudy water, no algae, no bloat. I also appreciate the size accuracy of the nano pellets for fry and nano fish. It’s one of the few pellets small enough for Threadfin Rainbows (M size).

    Sue Harkey

  • I am very happy with this food! It doesn’t mess with a water quality and my beta fish love it. There are no questionable ingredients like ash, wheat etc. Fly larvae and krill are top 2 ingredients! Great price as well.

    Donna Truett

  • The site I had been ordering botanicals from was out of stock of most of their items. I stumbled upon KJE & figured I would give them a shot. I am actually so happy it happened! This "ditty" is great & had a few things I haven't had before. I will be a repeat customer for sure, I'm already scoping out stuff for my next order.


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Veteran Owned
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Your satisfaction is what drives us.   Quality products, service to our country, and family is done 100%. There is no half way…no close enough.  There is only success.

When you buy from KJE Aquatics…you are part of the family.

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