6” Fish Net


  • 6 Inch Head Large Aquarium or Fish Pond Soft Mesh Fish Catching Net with 22 Inch Long Handle, safely transfer fish or skim debris.
  • Suitable For All Types of Aquariums Or Pond
  • Strong stainless steel 22 Inch long handle giving a total length of 32 inches.
  • Strong Stainless Steel Handle With Grip

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 An absolute MUST for any fishkeeper out there! Fish sometimes need to be removed from their primary tank for quarantine or breeding purposes, and a move like that can prove to be incredibly stressful on the fish. The  nylon net is ideal for quickly and safely catching fast moving fish with minimal stress and without injury. For added user benefit, the net features a durable plastic-coated handle that prevents rusting a. The net is well suited for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

If you have multiple tanks it is recommended to designate one net per tank. This may prevent the spread of illness from one tank to another if something may arise.


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