Agcore Vibrant Sticks 3.75oz

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Agcore Vibrant Sticks are great food for many species of fresh and saltwater fish. This ‘worm-like’ stick is especially great for Discus and Angels.

Ingredients Provide – Anti-inflammatory properties and natural pigmentation for color the enhancement of your fish

Black Solder Fly Larvae
Fish Meal
Haematococcus Pluvialis (an algae type)
Fish Oil

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protien 44%, Crude Fat 7%, Crude Fiber 6% max, Moisture 8% max

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No Additives
Grain free
Limited ingredients
Handcrafted in the USA!

About Agcore:
Agcore is a modern farm-to-feed company in the USA. They combine their OWN farm-fresh Spirulina algae along with limited highly nutritious ingredients to create premium crafted fish foods. Agcore's Spirulina is highly digestible and loaded with natural pigments including: Chlorophylls (green), Phycobilin (blue), Carotenoids (orange/red), and Xanthophyll (yellow). No artificial colors or binders unlike Many of those "popular" brands you will find readily available in the industry .

“Agcore is the only manufacturer that blends their sustainable, high protein, Farm Fresh Spirulina with other premium ingredients into Grain-Free, Limited Ingredient fish food products,“ explains President Larry Dressler

"Just because your fish "love" the food you feed them does not mean it is good for them" Keith @ KJE often quotes this to those who state "my fish love it"

1 review for Agcore Vibrant Sticks 3.75oz

  1. Monica (verified owner)

    My fish love this food. I crumble it for the livebearers, and they go nuts for this stuff. They quickly devour the small bits and then can pick at the larger bits on the bottom for several hours. It’s not clouding up the water or causing any problems and holds together very well.

    I’m very impressed honestly. Loved the concept of no fillers, but wasn’t sure how the food would hold together.

    Both Agcore products are doing amazing in my tanks and my fish love them.

    This one was made for larger fish, but my grazers love it…and it’s not too difficult to crumble if needed.

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