Alder Cones 2 Ounces Approx 100+ Cones – Fantastic Price!

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The benifits of Alder Cones include:
-natural antibacterial and antifungal
-natuarally lower PH
-release humins which may stimulate plant growth
-provide Tannins which for some fish are part of their natural biotope
-grow bio-film which shrimp forage upon

This is a fantastic price compared to many others

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Alder cones are excellent at lowering the pH and giving off natural water tannins. The Alder cones are excellent for Bettas, Shrimp and for Cory Cats. The 2 oz. bag is approximately 50 cones. For more information watch the video on how to use. For ornamental fish use only.

1 review for Alder Cones 2 Ounces Approx 100+ Cones – Fantastic Price!

  1. Kelly Sturdevant (verified owner)

    These alder cones will really darken your aquarium water! They also look very pretty used lightly as decor. The price is great. Definitely recommend!

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