AquaLife Barley Extract- 16 oz


AquaLife Barley Extract supplies both beneficial compounds derived from barley straw and billions of natural pond bacteria to help keep pond water clear and clean all season long. We produce our all-natural liquid formulation for AquaLife Barley Extract by a proprietary fermentation process using only barley straw.

AquaLife Barley Extract is the only product on the market that provides over 200 billion live beneficial pond bacteria in every gallon. It is a true 2-in-1 formula, unlike anything else, and its dual action keeps pond water clear better than any other product.

It can take days for old-fashioned barley bales, barley straw and barley pellets to take effect. Many pond keepers find these clarity aids unsightly too. AquaLife Barley Extract starts to work immediately, without ugly straw material decomposing in the pond. Beneficial bacteria establish themselves and keep working throughout the year.
AquaLife Barley Extract offers your pond the complete solution to water clarity problems.

Dosage: Add 2 fluid ounces (1/4 cup) of AquaLife Barley Straw Extract per 1000 gallons of pond water weekly. May be repeated as needed.

Product: Barley Straw Extract

Category: Additives and Supplements, Pond

Packaging: 16 ounce bottle treats 8000 gallons

Product Rationale

Pond keepers have long recognized the value of barley straw in helping to keep pond water clear.
While the exact mechanism of action remains unclear, researchers think bio-active compounds are produced as the straw decomposes in the presence of oxygen and sunlight. These bio-active agents apparently favor the development of desirable water plants over undesirable microscopic and filamentous algae. Two major drawbacks to the use of raw barley straw, whether, loose, in bales or in pellet form, are:

1. Adding these materials to the pond is aesthetically unappealing.

2. It is necessary to wait for the material to decompose, sometimes several days, before any effect is noticeable.

The benefits of certain types of bacteria to aquatic ecosystems, whether natural or manmade, is well-documented. Bacteria are essential to the recycling of toxic fish wastes. They also produce vitamins and other factors needed by pond plants and fish. Establishing an equilibrium population of beneficial bacteria in a garden pond depends upon several factors and should not be left to chance.

AquaLife Barley Extract is superior to other barley straw products because:

1. It eliminates the need for unsightly, bulky material that takes a long time to break down.

2. It contains billions of living, beneficial bacteria to quickly establish a healthy microbial equilibrium in the pond.

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-All natural, safe and effective pond water clarity management

-Unique formulation includes barley straw extract and beneficial bacterial

-Does not deplete dissolved oxygen

-Non-toxic, safe for all aquatic life, humans and pets

-Biodegradable and eco-friendly

-Our recommended product vs. Algaecide

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