Aquarium Munster Aquavital Multitest 6 In 1 Strips – Super Easy Way To Test All Essential Parameters



Dip one of the aquavital Multisticks for one second in the water that requires testing. Shake of the excess water and wait for about one minute.
Now compare the colours on the aquavital Multistick with the colour scale provided. Unfortunately tapwater is not always suitable for fish and plants, too much nitrate in the water for example is not unusual.
Therefore the tapwater, to be used for replacing the water in your aquarium/pond, needs to be checked regularly.

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The AQUAVITAL MULTITEST 6in1 allows you to quickly, easily and reliably determine the 6 most important parameters for fresh water: pHtotal hardness (GH)carbonate hardness (KH)nitrite (NO2), nitrate (NO3) and chlorine (Cl2).

Even inexperienced aquaristis can quickly optain a reliable water analysis with the AQUAVITAL MULTITEST 6in1. Simply dip the test strip into the water for one second, than shake off the excess water. After waiting for about one minute, compare the color fields on the test strip with the provided color scales on the tin.


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