Arjuna Pods per oz.


Our Arjuna Pods are sold per per ounce. There are roughly 10 pods in one ounce . Great for adding that natural look to your aquarium, terrarium, vivarium, or paludarium. These star shaped seed pods are super light and have frilly edges. Arjuna pods make great additions to (or substitute for) your leaf litter, scattering on the substrate of your nature aquarium. The nice shape of this provides lots of surface area for bio-film grown, and foraging area for shrimp and fry. These are mild tannin producers, and are used more for appearance and food source for foragers.

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You will receive 1 ounce per order (about 10 pods)

Preparation: We recommend boiling or steeping your Arjuna pods for 20-30 minutes and soaking for a 2nd time in cold water, to allow them to cool down before placing in your aquarium. We prefer to soak for at least a few hours.


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