Birch Cones


sold in 2oz increments

Very similar to Alder Cones in appearance and effects

Birch cones give humins and tannins to the water and help and thus naturally protect shrimp, crayfish and fish to prevent fungus and bacteria.

The pH is slightly lowered by the use of Alder cones in the aquarium, the total hardness (conductance) is slightly increased by the Birch cones. Due to the contained humic substances / tannins the water in the aquarium gets after a short time a slightly amber tone, but remains crystal clear. The effect disappears after about one to two months, but of course the Alder cones can then be left in the aquarium, e.g. Shrimp and many fish species (especially fry)love to nibble at them.

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Start with 5-7 per 10 gallons initially – adjust as needed


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