Botanical Pod Ditty


We put this Botanical Pod Ditty together for those new to botanicals or for those wanting to try out a little bit of a variety . Botanicals are wonderful aesthetically and provide many useful and healthy benefits for your tanks whether they be – Aquariums, Terrariums, or Paludariums . Fish, Inverts, Frogs and other critters will really enjoy these . We are confident in the fact that once you try botanicals you will come back for more . This ditty is priced low just to get you hooked! Embrace the tint!

For more information on botanicals check out a blog post here we wrote a while back :

15 in stock

This assortment will include AT LEAST (yeah sometimes we may get a little more generous) :
5 Twistie Pods
5 Bakuli Pods
5 Dysoxylum (lafi) Pods
5 Pear (Mokha) Pods
5 Jacaranda Pods
5 Arjuna Pods
1 Bael (Bell) Pod
1 Sterculia Pod
1 Triangle Pod

We suggest you add only little to your aquarium at a time - If you add all of them all at once you may darken water more than desired. (The fish will not care but you may) . If you think your water is too dark you can always remove some and dry them out to use later . A product we stock here will help remove the tannins if undesired (again we here love that tint lol) : MAXOUT PRO


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