Corkscrew Rush – Juncus effusus spiralis – Marginal


– Easy
– Great by itself you mix with other plant to give a cool looking contrast
– Loves wet roots so does well in a tub basket as well as along the edge of your pond

These are sold in a 3.5″ pot

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Corkscrew Rush - Juncus effusus spiralis - Marginal

Corkscrew Rush, or Juncus effusus spiralis, is a most intriguing and unusual bog plant. Grown for its dark green twisted corkscrew-type foliage. It has a very distinct appearance that is sure to prompt attention around the edges of your pond.
Very hardy, to zone 4, this perennial rush is versatile enough to take full sun to part shade light conditions and requires very little care, should be kept very near the surface of your pond as it does not prefer much depth
May grow to heights of 10 in. - 12 in. in ideal conditions and stays easy to manage in the pond, another option for this plant is to be planted outside the pond along the edges
Spirals have a wide range of variation from very slight, almost straight to a very tightly twisted look, it is always interesting to see what each year's new growth will look like


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