Corner Sponge Filter xy2891


-Easy-to use biological filter for tropical aquarium fish Aquarium filter sponge for efficient biological filtration
-Supplies the water much needed oxygen Most fit to external or top filter as prefiltration unit No deads spots in cylinder foam offers increased filtration
-Various types of installations are possible The sponge material is easy to clean Quiet operation
-Sponge Size : 8 x 5.5 x 8cm/3.1″ x 2.2″ x 3.1″(L x H); Base Diameter : 5.5cm/2.2″
-Total Height(w/pick up tube) : 6.1″; Material : Sponge, Plastic
-Ideal for those nano tanks – especially shrimp tanks
-Tucks nicely into tank corner which helps maintain a low profile

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Corner Sponge Filter xy2891 is fantastic for those smaller nano tanks. Especially good for shrimp tanks

KJE has a wide range of air driven filters - be sure to check them all out - Very economical to run.


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