Dwarf Aquarium Lily – Nymphaea Stellata more than just the bulb


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Dwarf Aquarium Lily will send up new leaves that will get taller and taller each time a new one pops up, until eventually reaching the surface. Once Dwarf Aquarium Lily reaches the surface there is a possibility it will sprout a flower. If you don't want the lilies to float on the surface, trim the tallest leaves off to encourage more compact growth.

Family Name: Nymphaeaceae

pH: 6-7.5

Care: Easy

Light: Low-Medium

Co2: Not necessary

Growth rate: Fast

Similar to tiger lotus except bulb is bigger and leaf more arrow-like. - Very easy plant that will reward all skill levels

THIS IS NOT JUST THE BULB - This is sporuted so it is viable unlike just a bulb some others sell where it is not known if you are getting a good product 


Note: Plant sizes will vary - 


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