Dwarf Sag. potted ea


Dwarf Sagittaria is a common name for the versatile plant species Sagittaria subulata. This vibrant grasslike plant is among the most popular aquarium flora. It is undemanding, hardy, and easy to grow, even for beginners.

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Water type, Temperature, Hardness, and pH:

Temperature: Sagittaria subulata can tolerate temperature variations, it can easily thrive in the temperature range between 20 – 27 °C (68 – 82 °F) and even lower temperatures without adverse effects on its form and health.

pH: This hardy plant does not care much about pH levels, however, it will appreciate optimal pH values between 6.0 – 8.0

Hardness: Dwarf sagittaria is a very adaptable plant, it can thrive in soft water to hard water with values of 2 – 15 GH.

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