Fritz Super Sack – Filter Bags 2/pack


Fritz Super Sacks

Fritz Super Sacks are premium quality refillable and reusable mesh bags suitable for most types of media – customize your filter media and drop it in to your system with no mess. The 5” x 9” size can hold up to 0.5 L of media. Fritz Super Sacks are made with a durable 25 mesh PVC material and come with a drawstring closure.

Excellent to use with Botanicals if you do not want the “leaf litter” floating in your tank – This is the main reason we stock them for folks but this product has a myriad of uses .

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Fill with desired filter media or botnicals  and close securely with drawstring. Do not overfill. Place in any high flow area of your aquarium or inside you HOB or Canister filter

2 sacks per package


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