Green Arrow Arum – Peltandra virginica


Green Arrow Arum
Peltandra virginica

Arrow arum is a native perennial plant with large, arrowhead-shaped leaves. It grows in shallow, tidal fresh waters throughout the Chesapeake Bay region. Work well in all other climates as a pond or tub marginal.

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Green Arrow Arum is a hardy, ornamental, pond plant with bold, attractive foliage with large, green  leaves that are shaped like arrowheads. Water is stored in the thick, fleshy stems. In ideal conditions, leaves of mature plants can reach 12-18 inches long and  6  inches wide. Green Arrow Arum leaves resembles Common Arrowhead (Sagittaria Latifolia) but has an inflorescence spadix rather than flowers.. Arrow Arum grows  with a clump-like habitat and looks quite attractive when planted on the edge of ponds and lakes. Arrow Arum forms a small kernel (often called duck corn) that ducks enjoy eating. Arrow Arum is a striking plant with impressive leaves that looks great in medium to large ponds and lakes, also looks nice when potted and placed in your pond! Great for naturalizing in wetland areas. Propagates from seed or rhizomes.

Height  Mature plant grows 12 - 24 inches tall

Width   Arrow Arum has a 24 inch spread

Light Requirements Full sun to part shade

Moisture Requirements Arrow Arum prefers moist soil or shallow water (up to six inches of water above the roots)

Bloom Produces a white spadix that adds charm and character in the spring

Zone Hardy to zone 4

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