Handmade Pleco Caves

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-These caves and hides are all Handmade in the USA . Each piece is a work of art and unique.
-These caves are made of bisque fired ceramic clay. Because the clay is porous, bisque fired ceramics provide a huge surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize, providing efficient biological filtration. Made of the same type of clay as ceramic filter media. Helps keep a clean and healthy aquatic environment where fish can thrive. Placing in the flow of a filter or air stone enhances this affect. Fish if given a choice will pick a more natural cave every time. It is also possible for plants such as Anubis to be attached to the caves for an even more natural look.
-The caves are fired to 1914 degrees Fahrenheit. The "paint" used on them to cause the variations in color are also clay (colored dirt). When fired to that temperature the clay sticks together forming a hard rock like material. Totally safe for your aquarium, and its inhabitants.

4 reviews for Handmade Pleco Caves

  1. Phillip

    Theses look so cool! Especially compared to the typical clay colored caves.

    • Keith Kalinowski

      100% American Made

  2. Kao

    I’m interested! I got a pair of bristlenose and I’m sure they would love one! And I have little clown pleco and I’m for that little guy would love one too.

    • Keith Kalinowski

      Email us or message us on FB

  3. Albert

    How much are the smaller ones? They are for a smaller 3” max species.:)

    • Keith Kalinowski

      Email us or message us on FB

  4. Mandi McFarland (Keepin’ It Shrimple)

    True works of art for your plecos! Each one is a unique, hand crafted and hand painted piece and they are so realistic looking. You can even get a “forked branch” two tube piece, which is the one that I chose.
    Bought one and am just sorry I didn’t order more at that time because you have to be quick and grab them when they are in stock (because they are THAT awesome and sell THAT fast). Worth every penny!!!!

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