Indian Almond Leaves (Catappa) B-Grade (per 25)


These leaves are sold in lots of 25 (these can vary in size from about 7″ – 12″ ) These are a quality leaf just not as aesthetically pleasing compared to our Premium leaves – Therefore we are offering these at a lower price. Who benefits from this? You do as the consumer. Your fish and shrimp can careless if the leaves are “prettier” These leaves are used for multiple things in the aquarium hobby. Some of the benefits include but are not limited to: Disease Prevention – these have natural antibacterial properties and they also aid in healing Fish breeding – many fish keepers use these to condition the water for breeding of a variety of species including Bettas, Apistogrammas, Discus, and a variety of other soft water species. A natural additive vs. Methylene Blue when artificially hatching eggs Shrimp tanks – very popular with shrimp keepers because of the disease prevention these offer plus the leaves provide a valuable food source for the shrimp Fry tanks – again disease prevention and fantastic food source Aides in lowering and stabilizing Ph


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Here at KJE we use these in all our fry grow out tanks regardless of species. Handpicked, properly dried and shipped to us from a trusted source in Sri Lanka
Sold in lots of 25

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