Aquatic Pond Plant Fertilizer 10-14-8 – 10pk


Aquatic Pond Plant Fertilizer 10-14-8 – 10pk

  • Maximum Blooms and Beauty
  • Easy and Safe Application
  • Contains Essential Nutrients
  • Simple Dose Tablets


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Aquatic Pond Plant Fertilizer 10-14-8 - 10pk

Containing no less than 10% total Nitrogen, 14% available Phosphate, and 8.0% soluble Potash, These tablets are designed to deliver valuable nutrients to feed your aquatic plants.

These tablets will feed potted aquatic plants all season long, helping to maintain vigorous growth and beautiful foliage.

Simply use one tablet for every gallon of soil each month during the growing season. Push the tablet one finger deep into the soil, 3" from the crown of the plant. Press soil around the inserted tablet for best results. It is always a good idea to feed plants every two to three week weeks when the water temps are @ 74f and above.


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