Pothos Clipping


Pothos are FANTASTIC for helping maintain water quality and give your tank a cool look. Note: This is not a plant to submerge. You simply take the clipping purchased and affix it so that several inches of the clipped end is submerged. Roots will start to form and PRESTO you have a natural water filter!

**Some say this plant may harm your dogs and cats. We have a few cats here @KJE and they never mess with the pothos we have growing (lucky for us I guess?). So tell your dogs and cats not to eat it.

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What you will get with this clipping is At Least two leaves and a section of stem plenty long enough to submerge a few inches. This plant does need light but not a ton of it.
You can plug it into an HOB filter or do what we do here: re-purpose an empty plastic yogurt cup, poke a few holes in it and clip it in the back corner of the tank = Easy, Cheap, Potho Planter!


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