Python Brand Airline 10 Ft


At Python Products Inc., we know that fish enthusiasts would rather spend time enjoying their fish than maintaining them. That is why we constantly strive to improve on the old methods of aquarium maintenance by adding time-wise, helpful products to our already popular product line.

If you are tired of the old routine, then it’s about time you cut your aquarium maintenance time in half with our complete, ready-to-use system, NO SPILL CLEAN and FILL! No buckets, no siphons, no mess, no tank tear downs – EVER again!

Python airline tubing is non-toxic and ozone safe. The pale blue color makes it virtually invisible in your aquarium. It will stay flexible and never crack or turn yellow. 3/16″ inside diameter. Fits all standard pumps and accessories.

Unlike garden hoses, our patented systems consist of UV stabilized, non-porous tubing which eliminates the possibility of adding dangerous chemical toxins into your aquarium water.

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Python airline tubing is made from non-toxic and ozone safe material. Its pale blue color is easy to conceal, making it virtually invisible in your aquarium. Python airline tubing is flexible and will never crack or yellow like inferior products. Fits all standard air pumps, aerating ornaments, and accessories.


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