SAN FRANCISCO BAY BRAND Freeze Dried Krill 2oz.


  • Daily nutrition for all large freshwater and marine fish
  • Approximate average size: 1”-1.5”
  • Contains high levels of proteins, Omega-3s, and natural color enhancers
  • Easy to use, does not cloud water when fed as directed
  • Ideal for all large freshwater and marine fish including cichlids, piranha, catfish, Koi, turtles, triggers, puffers, groupers, eels, lionfish, and others

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For All Fresh & Salt Carnivores

San Francisco Bay Brand Freeze-dried Krill contains high levels of protein, Omega-3s, and astaxanthin (a natural color enhancer responsible for the vibrant colors of aquarium fish). Krill is the perfect food choice for large marine and freshwater fish because they provide essential nutrients that help maintain high energy levels and wellness. Freeze-dried krill are all-natural and easy for fish to digest, so they produce less waste and your aquarium stays cleaner.


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