Senna Pods 10 grams


Senna Pods 10 grams

Very concentrated in tannins- You will be pleasantly suprised by their effects

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Senna Pods, originating from North Africa and India from the Senna alexandrina shrub. These offer several advantages when added to an aquarium environment. These pods release beneficial acids and tannins into the water, gradually giving it a natural tanned appearance. Additionally, they develop a thin biofilm over time, which serves as a food source for invertebrates in the tank.

Here are some recommendations for using Senna Pods in your aquarium:

  1. Pre-soak the pods in water for 12-24 hours then rinse well OR Boil for about 5-10 minutes and rinse  before introducing them to the tank.
  2. Initially, add a small quantity of pods to your aquarium. The amount of tannins released may vary, so for a 5 gallon Betta fish tank, begin with 8-20 pods . go light at first and gradually increase as desired . After about 24 hours you can gradually increase .  As always with all botanicals, you can pull some out if you do mnot like the effect

Benefits of using Senna Pods:

  1. Soothing Effects: The natural tannins and acids released by the pods have a calming effect on fish and other livestock in the aquarium. These little pods pack a lot of tannins as shown in our picture.
  2. Nutrition for Invertebrates: The thin biofilm that develops on the pods over time serves as a nutritious food source for invertebrates and other aquatic creatures in the tank.

By following these recommendations, you can enhance the well-being of your aquarium inhabitants and maintain a healthy aquatic ecosystem.

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