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Complete Envy Shrimp Food is a complete shrimp food. It contains 100% natural, organic ingredients that your shrimp will love! This is a wholesome blend of mulberry, stinging nettle, dandelion, moringa, kale, spinach, spirulina, chlorella, bee pollen, kelp, alfalfa, wheatgrass, pea protein, aloe vera, beetroot, black walnut, and blackberry. There are also important nutrients and minerals such as beta-glucan, calcium, montmorillonite, amino acids, trace minerals, chitin, yeast, and probiotics.

This is a pellet food that is easy to break apart to let you control how much you feed your shrimp and it sinks quickly. This shrimp will break it apart and spread it around the tank so everyone gets some. If you are finding a pile of powder after 3 or 4 hours then you know you are overfeeding, lower your pellet size used.

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Feeding instructions: Feed one pellet per 30-40 shrimp, every other day. Break pellets into smaller portions that your shrimp can eat in 2 hours. Remove any uneaten food after 2-3 hours. It is recommended that you start with one pellet to begin introduction of the food if your shrimp are hesitant of trying new foods. After they decide they like it, you can increase the amount based on the size of your colony.

Package size: 35 grams

Guaranteed Analysis: 28.94% protein, 2.17% fat, 8.36% fiber, 16.32% ash(minerals)

Note: Due to the handmade small batch nature of this food, some variation in color, texture and pellet size will occur.

2 reviews for Shrimp Envy- Complete Envy 35G

  1. Nathan Justa

    I use this stuff and my shrimp go crazy! Quality product from a family owned business. Very excited to see KJE have this in his arsenal!

    • Keith Kalinowski

      It is really good and the cool thing is, it is one small business working with another to bring quality goods to those in the hobby!

  2. srp215 (verified owner)

    I just recently purchased this and use it for my neos, caradinas, and Sulawesi shrimp. All 3 enjoy it, as do the snails! As a note, I would reccomend feeding in a feeding dish or bowl since leftovers can get a bit messy to clean up! Do feed very sparingly according to the instructions!

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