Staurogyne repens clump


Staurogyne repens from the southern Amazonas of Brazil. A beautiful bright green, compact plant with a low, bushy stature and stiff brownish stems; height and width up to 10 cm. Newly discovered in the aquarium hobby; scientifically proven to be closely related to Hygrophila. When planted in the aquarium, the longest upright shoots should be trimmed to encourage new horizontally creeping shoots. Can divide stems and plant in close groups; if previously grown emergent, the emergent leaves will die off or need removal during planting. Horizontally creeping shoots form a low, compact foreground carpet. The Ideal way for this to grow is in medium to bright light, with supplementation of CO2 but not always requried. I have known many to grow this plant without added Co2. Sold as a small clump

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