Trumpet Pod (Cariniana)


Each trumpet pods is a unique little woody seed pod cave, great for aquascaping and amazing for blackwater tanks and especially shrimp tanks. These will provide great hides for smaller nano fish, fry, and shrimp. As with all natural products, no two pods are alike. They will vary in size (approx 2-3″ long and .75-1.25″ diameter). The hole opening on each will also vary. SOLD AS EACH (1 pod per order)

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These pods are some of the coolest of the cool . As with all botanicals they provide many benefits to your tank such as but not limited to: provide tannins, help lower Ph, provide antibacterial properties, provide a food source for fry and inverts, and provide hides for those fry and shrimp. These can also be used in terrariums and paludariums . For you folks that keep Dart frogs, These would be fantastic for their habitat.


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