Vallisinaria Narrowleaf – Vallisineria Nana Bunch (three plants)

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Vallisineria Nana is one fantastic easy plant – The leaves of this val grow reel thin so it is very “grass-like” Looks similar

These are sold 3 plants to a bunch

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Vallisneria nana from Australia is a solitary contrast plant with dark green, rosulate, narrow leaves (less than 1 cm). It is extremely suitable as a mid-ground plant, but can also be used as a background plant in small aquariums. The leaves are much narrower than with other species of Vallisneria, nor are they quite as long.

Vallisneria nana produces offshoots very readily, so compact vegetation will soon develop in good conditions

1 review for Vallisinaria Narrowleaf – Vallisineria Nana Bunch (three plants)

  1. Chris (verified owner)

    Keith is very easy to work with and the plants came in super healthy!

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