Hardy Water Lilies – Assorted colors (red,yellow, pink, white,orange, Etc. ) END OF SEASON CLEARANCE!


We stock assorted variants of the ever popular water lily . Sorry for not stocking specific flowers but we simply do not have room to stock the huge array of this popular pond/tub plant . Growing conditions on the hardy lily are all the same from our experience

These are not for aquarium use

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Hardy Water Lily floating pond plant with flowers
Nymphaea or hardy water lily is one of the most common pond plants. It consists of a network of rhizomes that product long stems. From the stem comes large round leaves that float at the pond surface. Lily pads are 6-12" in diameter. The stems also produce flowers that can be white, yellow, and pink. Flowers often bloom from June until September

Note: We stock these as assorted variants - We will let you know what that varieant is when shipped .

Common species we order are : Red Spider, Wanvisa, Sioux, Texas Dawn, Albatros plus more but naming these may give you an idea?





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