Hardy Water Lilies – Assorted colors (red,yellow, pink, white,orange)


We stock assorted variants of the ever popular water lily . Sorry for not stocking specific flowers but we simply do not have room to stock the huge array of this popular pond/tub plant . Growing conditions on the hardy lily are all the same from our experience

These are not for aquarium use

Out of stock

Hardy Water Lily floating pond plant with flowers
Nymphaea or hardy water lily is one of the most common pond plants. It consists of a network of rhizomes that product long stems. From the stem comes large round leaves that float at the pond surface. Lily pads are 6-12" in diameter. The stems also produce flowers that can be white, yellow, and pink. Flowers often bloom from June until September

Be sure to use fertilizers with these as they are heavy feeders - Also stocked here @ KJE :


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