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Dr. Bassleer Biofish Food = premium fish food
Dr. Bassleer Biofish Food is a complete food used for almost all species of aquarium fish.

Dr. Bassleer Biofish Food, is much richer in nutrients and more economical to use than many other ornamental fish food. Feed your fish no more than what all of them eat within a few minutes.


These are fantastic foods for all fish species.

KJE Aquatics is very honored to be an authorized retailer of Repashy Super Foods. This simply some of the best foods available for your fish. There is a formula that suits the needs of all your fish. By far some of the best nutrition you can offer your swimmers.

ocean nutrition

Since 1982, Ocean Nutrition™ has been dedicated to providing the highest quality frozen foods and formulated diets to aquarium hobbyists and professional aquarists worldwide - Preserving Life and Beauty Through Nutrition! We have developed a passion for aquatic pets. We produce foods that are easy to use for the hobbyist and that are likewise ideal for both the health and beauty of fish and invertebrates. We understand that our foods become viable solutions only when both of these requirements are fulfilled.



Fritz Aquatics products are used by zoos, public aquarium exhibits, aquaculture professionals and home aquarium hobbyists. Our aquarium products have been trusted by hobbyists and professionals for over 30 years.

We are one of the leading water quality product manufacturers in America. As proven in an independent university study, Fritz aquarium maintenance products are superior to any others on the marketplace and are used in major marine establishments across the nation.

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veteran owned
Veteran Owned
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Your satisfaction is what drives us.   Quality products, service to our country, and family is done 100%. There is no half way…no close enough.  There is only success.

When you buy from KJE Aquatics…you are part of the family.

We are here for you!

At KJE, we want nothing but the best for you.  Quality products will spruce up your tank.  From novice to expert…you will agree.

Veteran Owned
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