Shrek’s Journey

A little information about freshwater puffers in general:

Freshwater puffers are known to commonly have worms when they are caught from the wild because they are often exposed to parasites in their natural habitats. These parasites can include various types of worms, including nematodes and trematodes.

The combination of exposure to a wide range of potential hosts and vectors in the wild, as well as the stress of being caught and transported, can make freshwater puffers highly susceptible to parasitic infections.

If you decide to take the exciting plunge in to the realm of freshwater puffers (regardless of species as they are all interesting and fun), We suggest you use Fritz Expel-P and Fritz ParaCleanse in conjunction while you have those fun little swimmers in your quarantine tank. Look at the results with Shrek. It simply works!

Links for medications suggested:

Fritz Expel-P 10ct


Read more about Fritz ParaClense


Shrek’s photos courtesy of his proud Momma and our good friend Crystal Lu Our friend Shrek is a Spotted Congo Puffer (Tetraodon schoutedeni)
shreks journey fritz cures parasites puffer

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