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'-No Additives
-Grain Free
-Limited Ingredients
-Handcrafted in the USA!

About Agcore:
Agcore is a modern farm-to-feed company in the USA. They combine their OWN farm-fresh Spirulina algae along with limited highly nutritious ingredients to create premium crafted fish foods. Agcore's Spirulina is highly digestible and loaded with natural pigments including: Chlorophylls (green), Phycobilin (blue), Carotenoids (orange/red), and Xanthophyll (yellow). No artificial colors or binders unlike Many of those "popular" brands you will find readily available in the industry .

“Agcore is the only manufacturer that blends their sustainable, high protein, Farm Fresh Spirulina with other premium ingredients into Grain-Free, Limited Ingredient fish food products,“ explains President Larry Dressler

"Just because your fish "love" the food you feed them does not mean it is good for them" Keith @ KJE often quotes this to those who state "my fish love it"

Ingrediants : Black Solder Fly Larvae, Anartic Krill, Kelp, Fish Meal, Farm Fresh Spirulina (farmed by Agcore), Fish Oil, Garlic, and Astaxanthin 

Guarenteed Analysis : 

  • Crude Protien 44% min
  • Crude Fat 7% min 
  • Crude Fiber 6% max
  • Moisture 8% max 
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