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Brazil Nut Pod

Brazil Nut Pod

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Brazil Nut Pods are one of the more uncommon botanicals available in the hobby. Definetly one many do not have in stock.

Brazil nut pods can be a beneficial addition to aquariums for several reasons.

Firstly, they release tannins into the water, which can create a natural-looking, tea-colored water that can be beneficial for certain fish and invertebrates, such as South American cichlids and shrimp. Tannins can also have antibacterial and antifungal properties, which can help prevent diseases and keep your aquarium healthy.

Secondly, the pods can provide a source of food for certain species of fish and invertebrates, such as plecos and shrimp, as they will graze on the biofilm that can develop on the surface of the pods.

Finally, the pods can provide a natural-looking decoration for your aquarium, as they have a unique shape and texture that can add visual interest to your tank. Easily used for breeding caves for some species. An example of fish that would loves these would be apistogrammas and kribs.

These are very woody and dense which will make them sink very fast and last a very long time. The outer surface is nicely textured which would allow mosses to attach and grow nicely

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