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Cashew Leaves QTY. 10

Cashew Leaves QTY. 10

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Cashew Leaves QTY. 10

Cashew leaves are a popular choice for aquarium enthusiasts looking to promote a natural environment. They are often used as leaf litter in the aquarium, providing shelter for fish fry, small shrimp, and other aquatic creatures while maintaining a natural look. Cashew leaves also serve as a growth medium for biofilm and diatoms, which can be important food sources for aquatic animals.

Additionally, cashew leaves have pH buffering qualities and can slowly lower the pH of the aquarium as they decompose. This is beneficial for aquatic animals that require acidic, low-pH water. They also have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and can support slime coat, scale, and shell production in fish and invertebrates.

Sizes of leaves vary from around 4-8" . Each order will have mixed sizes.

Prior to use, we recommend for you to boil the leaves for about 5-10 minutes . Let them cool down prior to placing them in your tank

Great for aquariums, terraiums, and paludariums . Your Fish, Frogs, Reptiles, and Insects will love you for these.

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