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Celestial Pearl Danios - Not Imported - Bred right in Upstate, NY

Celestial Pearl Danios - Not Imported - Bred right in Upstate, NY

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Tank Raised Celestial Pearl Danios, CPDs  - Locally bred right in Upstate New York 

These are one of the most popular and prettiest nano fish in the hobby today - A very hardy little fish that does well in most water parameters . 

Our water here is very hard with a pH of 8 and they do perfectly fine. We also keep these fish at ambient temps which range from 62f in the winter to 85f in sthe summer. This is one fish that does very well in outdoor tubs here in Upstate, NY  

Please understand that the shipment of live goods can be stressful. Make arraingments to recive the package right away upon the carrier dropping it off.  


Plesae note that there are two options for shipping :

  •  Priority - no live arrival guaretee in place or inferred 
  • Express- live arrival guarantee in place as long as policy is complied with. If there's anything amiss, please snap some pictures of all the live goods while they're still in their original, unopened bags and send them our way within ONE HOUR of delivery. We promise to do our best to sort out any issues that might be on us. If bags are opened the LAG is voided . If there are any delays in shipping or other problems out of our control, you might want to chat with the shipping carrier directly.
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