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Cocoa leaves Qty 10

Cocoa leaves Qty 10

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These Cocoa Leaves come from India as well as other parts of Asia and Africa . The leaves of the cocoa tree are versatile in aquaristics. They are very similar to sea almond tree leaves. Just like these, coco leaves have a high amount of humic substances. This property promotes the health of the aquarium inhabitatns.

For shrimps, the very slowly decomposing coco leaves form a natural hiding place and a near-natural replica of their habitat. At the same time, they serve as a food source. Microorganisms settle on their surface and form the optimal addition to any grazing water animal's diet. Their bright colouring also creates a beautiful effect in the aquarium.

These have a large variation in size and will offer mixed sizes per order. They range from 8-15 inches

As with other botanicals, we recommend you boil these 5-10 minutes prior to use. Let them cool down before placing them in your tanks.

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