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Foxie's Power Pack (Botanical Assortment)

Foxie's Power Pack (Botanical Assortment)

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This collection is one curated by our good friend  Foxie Powers of Foxie's Fishes- She does a lot for KJE by helping to promote our products to those in the hobby. If you would be so kind, go over to her YT channel and give her a follow (that is free) Foxie also sells a myriad of fish and inverts which are all bred locallyby her and Peplin . You can find there listings here : Botanicals are excellent for your fish and fry - Want to learn a little bit more then check out our blog posts found here  :

Includes at least :

2 - Cashew Leaves 

2- Dregea Pods

5- Twistie Pods 

5- Banana Stems 

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