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Giant Sensative Fern - Aeschynomene fluitans Clipping

Giant Sensative Fern - Aeschynomene fluitans Clipping

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Giant Sensitive Fern is sometimes referred to as Large Leaf Sensitive or Golden Botswana. It can be trained up onto rocks and water streams and can spread 6' to 8'. Large Leafed Sensitive pond plant grows quickly and is an attractive and unusual accent plant for the water garden. It is is an annual floating plant (all the floating plants are annuals / tropicals) and grows fast in the summer months. It blooms heavily in the sun and has lager leaves then the smaller sensitive plant. This plant has a rhizome like stem that grows continuously and produces small leaves and flowers  a few inches above the waters surface. This plant is an excellent choice for states where hyacinths or lettuce are illegal. It is a moderate grower and cleans the water without being invasive. The numerous yellow flowers resemble the common sweet pea.

Giant Sensitive Plant (Aeschynomene fluitans)
Hardiness Zones: 9-11
Light Requirements: Full Sun to Part Shade
Height: 3"-5" tall running spread
Water Depth: Floating surface pond plant or can be planted

Sold as a clipping - easy to grow 


Illegal in LA

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