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Kabadi Root Caps 20 Capsules

Kabadi Root Caps 20 Capsules

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Kabadi root caps is the ultimate solution for enhancing the nutrient content of your aquarium's substrate. These nutrient capsules are specifically designed to provide a rich and balanced supply of essential nutrient. With their slow releasing formula, Kabadi root caps gradually release nitrogen, phosphorus, iron and vital micro nutrients, ensuring that your aquatic plants receive the nourishment they need for optimal growth and vibrant health


  • Prepare the substrate and create small holes where the Kabadi rootcaps can be pressed in
  • Space the holes 4 by 4 inches apart
  • Cover the holes gently and they would dissolve over 1- 2 months
  • Based on plant growth increase the frequency of dosage


  • Identify areas of plants where deficiency is noticed
  • Make gentle holes into the soil around this are at a spacing of 4 by 4 inch
  • Insert the capsules and cover up.
  • Repeat the process every 1-2 months based on requirement

N 12.7% - P 5.4% - K 8.3%

Fe .06%

Mg .7%

Ca .8%

Cu .0003% This is invert safe

B .0004%

Zn .0042%

Mn .0013%

Mo .000001 



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