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Khaya Pods

Khaya Pods

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Khaya Pods
These are the seed pods from the Khaya senegalensis Tree . The seed pods from these trees are are larger but similar to the Bakuli pods and the American Okl Acorn . Once these pods are dried they become fragile in their "whole" state and will break apart. As you see pictured we have them whole or in pieces . What will be shipped most likely will be the 4 "pedals" and the corn center . If we do have some in the whole form then we will ship it that way. No guarentees they will remain whole as they do sperate easily.
The pieces on their own are quite hardy and "woody" . These will surely add a nice woody natural look while adding the benifits of the tannins released.

Not only great for the aquarium, they would be really nice in your vivariums with dart frogs or isopods

The "pedals" measure about 2" x 1.125". They have a slight curve to them as well

Sold as one pod -

Note:  These may be whole, partial whole  or in pieces as shown 

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