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ShrimpGH+ by NilocG Aquatics is a specially formulated remineralizer for softwater shrimp. ShrimpGH+ increases the general hardness of RO water without having an effect on the pH or KH. It contains magnesium and calcium as well as other vitamins and trace elements which promote a stable environment beneficial for your beloved shrimp.

Derived from Pharmaceutical and Food Grade Products Keep Out of the Reach of Small Children Not For Human Consumption

Dosing : 1 scoop(~4 grams) per 5 gallons(~20 Liters) increases Gh by 7dGH Target for softwater shrimp is normally ~4-7dGH Formula For Calculating Grams Needed: If using gallons: Numbers of Gallons x Increase in dGH Desired divided 8.7 If using liters: Number of Liters x Increase in dGH Desired divided by 33.2

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