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Spiderwood Small Staff Choice

Spiderwood Small Staff Choice

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Found along the banks of the Yangtze river, this vine is paper smooth with intricate branching and fascinating beauty. It will turn a fantastic mahogany color when in an aquarium. Perfect for both aquariums and terrariums or any other display. This wood is extremely low in any tannin and is 100% safe for all fish and animals. As Spiderwood is very light it will take from 7-10 days to become water-logged and sink.

Note - These are are classified as 'small' . This is a natural product so sizes will vary . Sizes can vary from 6-10" typically . When buying this you agree to let our staff pick a nice piece for you. We also have WYSIWYG pieces . With wysiwyg, you would be getting that exact pience. 

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