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Süsswassertang / Subwassertang portion

Süsswassertang / Subwassertang portion

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Süsswassertang, also known as Subwassertang, is a free-floating aquatic plant that is a great addition to any planted tank, especially shrimp tanks. Although it is slow-growing at first, once the plant is settled, it will grow well and is a great way to provide natural coverage for different species of fry and skittish fish. The plant also helps to neutralize toxins in the water column while promoting oxygen-rich water.

Subwassertang grows similar to mosses and will self-attach to driftwood and stones. It can also be left free-floating. Because of its easy-care nature, this plant is a popular choice for beginner aquascapers.

Care: Easy

Light: Low to medium

Co2: Not necessary but recommended

Propagation: Just seperate by pulling some apart

This may be the easiest of the easy plants in the hobby

Great for all tanks but especially good with shrimp and fry


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